Be Yourself


Be Yourself
Recorded in New York
Has been co-produced by CharlElie and Bruce Brody (Pianist, B3organ who produced and played on albums of Patti Smith, Maria Mc Kee, Pulp Fiction, Rickie Lee Jones…)

All songs composed by CharlElie Couture
Production : Bruce Brody / CharlElie Couture
Recorded in New York

Musicians :
CharlElie Couture : singer, guitar, piano
Karim Attoumane: guitars, bg vocals
Kevin Cerovich drums, trombone, bg vocals
Bruce Brody Keyboards, B3, Piano
Mike Crehore: Bass

Additional musicians
Acoustic upright bas : Paul Nowinski on Brooklyn Nite Blues
Yamée : BG Vocals on « Be yourself »

Recording engineer : Olivier Glissant / Pyramid Studio NYC
Overdubs engineer : Keith Rigling at La Funase /Harlem
Mixing engineer : Anthony Gibney /Dubway studio/ NYC

Recorded Feb til May 2012

Except Follow the lines:
CharlElie: Guitar& Vocal
Guitars : Alice Botté/Dombrance
Bass Serj Salibur
DrumsProg : Dombrance
Bg Vocals : Dombrance
Scratches/platines : Dj Coniik

Basics recordings : The room- Paris
Overdubs & Mixing : Dombrance
Room 1606- 57 Hotel- New York

Artwork concept & Photos musicians : CharlElie
Photo CharlElie by Shaan
Photo Pinocchio by Marc Dubord
Executive production : Annie Verdellet

Special Thanks : RC Gaulke, Ken Webb, Mike Crehore, Corinne Wirth, Dan Duchêne,

Label : Flying Boat

Formats : numerique

Année : 2012

Nombre de titres : 11