07 – Each Time

Russian Constructivism or Diego Rivera,

Fernand Léger with heavy tools or Anish Kapoor,

Murakami or Jeff Coons,

Aï Weiwei or Paul Mc Carthy,

Confusion or perfection,

Each time has its aesthetic …


Each time drives its Jazz, its poetry, its rap, its swing,

Its flood, its jeans, its rhythm,

Its weight, its sweat, its sweet treats and dietary regimens,

Its humor stone, plaster, plastic or wood,

Each time its aesthetics.


Each time handles its stock phrases and witspers on the pillow, sorrow and joy

Offering or receiving something,

Gifts for the feasts or parcels prison, friends at home, a pigeon droppings on the shoulder or troubles in a stamped envelope,

Each time its aesthetics.


Each time its anguish of living, its metric,

Its ambition, its pettiness,

Its desire to understand or ignore,

Its need for madness, its worldly gestures and everyday actions,

Large and small projects

In the garden or in the graveyard,

Each time its aesthetics.


Each time its contracts of confidence, its round or sharp shapes,

Each time its format, its confession, its combat skills, its shoplifting or holdup up in the ministry,

Its aerobatics and broken legs,


Each age its terrorism and cheap tourism, its technology, its unbreakable revenge and necessity of forgiveness,

Its taste for protection, its aversion to injustice,

Its taste for adventure or for comfort, comfort for the weak or recklessness of youth, impatience and impertinence whims, and then dance, yes, dance,

And the charm of teachers,

And the delicate skin of flower maidens who dream of the future,

Oh youth and its errors, and mi’kmaq and mental calculations under the cloak under the cap, in liquette driving truck, or SUV, a convertible break or a delivery truck ,

Each time its aesthetics.


® CharlElie – June 20XV