13 – A propos du 9/11

Pour les dix ans de 9-11, j’ai écrit la chanson “Why” (the dove and the raven) qui figure sur l’album “Be Yourself”.

Enregistré live au studio Pyramide NYC en 2012, ce disque est resté inédit, jamais été distribué.

Sur cette chanson les musiciens sont : Karim Attoumane: guitars, bg vocals, Kevin Cerovich drums et Mike Crehore: Bass, and me : chant, guitare (on the left) et electronic effects,

Production : Bruce Brody / CharlElie Couture- Engineer: O. Glissant, , mix by Anthony Gibney /Dubway studio/ NYC.

Fév / May 2012.

All songs composed by CharlElie Couture.


Pour ceux que ça intéresse, ce disque est aujourd’hui uniquement disponible en téléchargement on line sur mon site

Bientôt sur d’autres plateformes…


Why (The dove and the raven)


Walking down, downtown,

Dell, don’t you see how, I’m going down,

The sky is blue, all over blue,

I don’t know what I’m bumping into.


City seems quiet, as it can be,

Sounds of a riot echo in me,

Some days are like another,

But these days are hard to suffer.


Why? Why?

Do I see the dove in the raven?

Why? Why?

Should we feel Love in Heaven?


Walking down, downtown,

Don’t you see, I’m going down,

I make a stop at The Amsterdam coffee shop,

Where you can get a special ginger pop…

I’ve a small chat ‘bout the weather,

Kind of talking with no matter,

Two thousand one in September,

We’re on Tuesday I remember.


Alarm bells and a smoke smell,

When the angels tumble in hell,

White dust covers the screens,

My mind goes mad for what it means.


Walking down, downtown,

Don’t you see, I’m going down,

Days of despair far from peace,

Should we call HIM for some relief?


Texte reproduit avec l’autorisation des Editions Flying Boat ®